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Food & Beverages

          We are able to cook whatever you would like to bring with you. Please bring your own beverages for the day, including BYOB (refer to our Drinking Policy in the Policies section). Also, please bring your own cooler. We have limited free space in our coolers and can not guarantee there will be some available for food and drinks.

Appropriate Clothes

          During our fishing season we see a wide variety of weather in the Northeast. Please be prepared for a cold day if you're coming to New England in the fall.

A Great Attitude

          The fish gods reward those with great attitudes and energetic personalities. We want everyone to have an amazing time and our crew's own great attitude will surely help everyone have the best time possible on their fishing charter in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Overnight Trips

          Please bring a pillow and blanket for our overnight trips. We have three bunks and plenty of bean bags to make sure you're rested for when the tuna bend the rod over!

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